VC04 Frozen Geese - The Starseed

Double album (80 mins) on casette tape

Also available as a free download from the Free Music Archive

April 2010

David Lazonby: Bass Guitar; Casiotone; Guitar; Tapes
Felix Frey: Guitar; Bass Guitar; Synthesiser; The Drums
Stephen Goodwin: The Drums; Bass Guitar; Guitar
Graham Bailey: Synthesiser; Tapes; The Drums
Miss Kim: Vox on 10

Spontaneously composed and recorded to tape at The Wortley Studio, April 2010. Edited, mixed and produced by Graham Bailey and David Lazonby at Peggy Virtue’s, Summer 2010


01 Self Fascination Sundae (10:03)
02 Carefully Selected Chemicals Part One (07:10)
03 GBP-O Dubreq (06:57)
04 Scatter the Rosebuds (03:57)
05 The Coleopterous Charm (03:42)
06 Carefully Selected Chemicals Parts Two and Three (08:30)
07 It's Another Domesday Machine (09:07)
08 (Blasting) Peaceful Bomb (06:57)
09 Black Olives Green Olives (01:11)
10 The Starseed Transmissions (11:04)
11 Yes Oh I See Heaven (06:57)


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