VC05 Jill Becky and Katie - Mixtape

C-60 mixtape inspired by the hyper-evocative found sounds of Jill Becky and Katie, 50 copies.

Jill Becky and Katie are, but for their names on the label, an anonymous trio of teenage girls locked together forever in the time capsule of a karaoke tape booth somewhere in the USA. We can date the tape to sometime in the early 80 s, as their chosen song is Air Supply s saccharine drive-time classic All Out of Love .

The tape was found by RJ Porter and posted on her/his wonderful found sound cassette blog:

We were so inspired by Jill Becky and Katie's performance, and by RJ's diligent archiving, that we took this one step further and created fifty lovingly faithful replicas of the tape.

Realising there was another 56 minutes or so of tape left going begging, we filled it up with some found sound of our own. There are some clues as to some of the content below...

The Original Cassette - From Tape Findings

The Replica A Side  

The B Side - spot the deliberate mistake...

Packaging - The tape comes in a paper bag

Track Listing - you can print or write your own