VC15 Frozen Geese - Geese on Ice

CD Album


01 The Opium Eaters
02 246-319
03 Let Me Go
04 The Dolphins
05 Red Fish
06 Blue Fish
07 Let Me Go
08 Herb's Pump

Frozen Geese are:

Felix Frey - Guitar, Bass
Stephen Goodwin - Drums, Percussion, Keyboard
Bailey Graham - Synth, Tapes, Guitar
David Lazonby - Bass, Keyboards, Vocal, Tapes, Saxophone


Zoe Dijkman - Trumpet
Herb Lazonby - Foot Pump


Salutary mount by Felix &
Riviera Gardens by Graham

Thanks to Julie, Jeff & Mrs Wood

All compositions by Frozen Geese except:

The Dolphins by Fred Neil

Cover star and front cover photo: Miss Kim

Back cover photo: Bailey Graham