Val Denham - I Saw Myself in Your Dreams Last Night

Album available in three formats:

* Vinyl art edition - 23 copies only - Comes with: Unique original numbered and signed painting by Val Denham, signed sepia photograph and full colour insert with hand silk screen printed sleeve and labels.

* Vinyl regular edition
, with full colour insert and hand silk screen printed sleeve and labels.

* Digipak CD


Black Boat Fisherman
I Saw Myself in Your Dreams Last Night
What Does it Take?
Tomorrow is Another Day
Golden Raven
She Knows All About Me
The Whore of Babylon
I'm So Perfect

Vocals, Lyrics and Music by Val Denham. With: Oli Novadnieks, Demian Nada, Ariel Sima, Diego Sima, Graham Bailey and David Lazonby.

Viny front cover

Vinyl rear cover

Vinyl insert

Vinyl insert

Vinyl label one

Vinyl label two

Signed photo - art edition only

CD Digipak front

CD Digipak rear

CD Digipak inside left

CD Digipak inside right


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